What is Chlorella Powder?

What is Chlorella and why should we include it in our diets?

Chlorella is a type of green algae that is single celled and usually found in freshwater lakes, ponds and rivers.

Chlorella is considered to have an impressive number of health benefits due to the high content of essential nutrients, strong anti-inflammatory properties and impressive levels of protein (about 50%).

The health benefits range from reducing blood sugar and cholesterol, to assisting in lowering oxidative stress, supporting detoxification to protecting the heart and liver.

Because it is not possible to digest chlorella in its original form (the cell wall is too hard to digest), it needs to be broken down in supplement form for us to get the full benefits of this incredible super food.

Fair warning though, if you are new to the powder variety – it is a strong flavour that can take some getting used to. If using it in a juice start small and increase the portion as you adjust to it. Otherwise the tablet variety is a quick and easy way to get the full benefits of Chlorella (without the aftertaste!)

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